KEY-BAK Key-Reels

Heavy Duty Key Reels

Individual keys are light but the weight soon adds up when bunched together. Our Heavy Duty Key Reels are designed to handle the weight and provide constant reliable performance.

Both our Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty SUPER48 key reels feature a strong retraction force, easy action lock to support heavy key bunches and large diameter key ring. Constructed using durable polycarbonate materials with military grade Kevlar cord. Attachment to user is by either a metal spring clip that can act as a belt clip if used with the supplied pin, a leather loop or karabiner clip. 

Industrial Key Reels

For demanding  applications where reliable performance is essential you need a Key-Bak industrial reel. Designed to maintain the established Key-Bak tradition of consistently reliable performance this range is used with lighter key bunch weights in many different applications

Industrial Reels are constructed from Stainless Steel or ABS with options for attaching by Belt Clip or Belt Loop. Keys are secured by Kevlar cord or Stainless Steel chain.