T-REIGN Tethers & Cases


T-Reign Tethers & Cases provide protection and security in all locations. If you are working high on scaffolding, working low in tunnels or mines,on ground level construction sites or just out trekking in the great outdoors.

Three sizes of Retractors keep tools and electronic devices close to hand. Secured to your belt or harness the Retractor can be used in all weathers to save time and reduce the risk of equipment damage.

For heavier tools up to 2.5 (5lbs) weight the Toolmate is the ideal solution. Features include an integral retractor for light tools and a strong steel cable to minimise damage or injury when heavy tools are dropped.

The cases are designed to provide all-round protection for your electronics or tools. The hard wearing case protects its contents from damage and the weather but what really makes these cases stand out is the built-in retractor.

The integrated retractor and 900mm high strength Kevlar cord means that your gear is permanently tethered to your person helping to prevent drop damage, loss, theft and downtime. Our unique hook and latch system means that you can operate the case one handed ensuring that the tool you need is always by your side and always available.

Three case sizes in the range provide protection for all vulnerable devices, from small cameras to full sized binoculars.


Protect your keys and small tools with a Key Silencer. This tough weather resistant range incorporates features for quick handover of keys to colleagues. The  range includes key silencers with key reels and and an open style model with uniform protector tab.

The casing wraps completely around your keys and closes with a hook and loop

Protects keys from weather if working outdoors.

Silences irritating key jangles and reduces risk of patrol detection.

Keys are hidden to reduce risk of profiles being captured by hidden cameras.